Jasmin Baljak

Why Jasmin is the right coach

Jasmin as your Wealth and Business Coach will be a power fit in achieving your most important business and wealth goals.

As your Coach, Jasmin will mentor and guide you and get your business house in order, by working together and clearing your emotional clutter and limiting beliefs.

Next, we work on making your wealth and business foundation rock solid, this is a personalised and unique approach as there are no two people who are alike! From strengthening your mindset and subconscious to ensuring you are in charge of your brain, we work on “Brain Food”! You will obtain outstanding results (by digging deep). 

As your Coach, we form a “partnership” that involves trust and heart which is a winning combination. 

Jasmin Baljak brings with her a realness having been a survivor of 20 years of domestic violence, a single mother to two adult children. 

Jasmin’s mission is;

To leave a legacy, to teach a billion people that, connection to God and Source.

To serve with kindness and integrity.

To give back to society and the impoverished.

To ignite passion, love, heart for life.

To pioneer financial freedom by teaching individuals.

To be a vessel of what is right and good in this world.

Jasmin’s courses

Business Coaching
Wealth Quantum
Billion Dollar Babe Academy
Time Quantum
Purpose and Intention setting
Passive Income Building
Opt-In Page and List Build
Energy Clearing
E3 Trauma Clearing and Limiting Beliefs
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